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"Everything starts from the roots"


Etrè spouse is one of the few Italian companies whose condition is still completely familiar today. Always located in the wonderful Neapolitan reality, it came to life from the famous and crowded markets of the main Neapolitan squares, growing and transforming into a family-run business with distribution throughout Italy.


Thanks to the enthusiasm and the great artisan passion, it was possible to start a successful company which, over time, has managed to establish itself as an excellence of themade in Italyin menswear, thus evolving from generation to generation through fundamental points:

The constant commitment to research, the leap towards innovation, continuous experimentation and above all the will to offer products of absolute quality.

Values that have allowed the company to reach such a goal, demonstrating the ability to reinvent itself, without ever forgetting its history.


Etrè is present in the most refined boutiques, among the most sought after and loved brands, thanks to our trendy collections that are always attentive to wearability. Etrè has a unique quality/price ratio in the world, made possible not by a lack of quality of the materials used, but by the choice of a direct distribution channel and family management.


Simple but not easy.


We are people who neither want to convince nor impress.


We only do what we do best.


We eliminate what is superfluous to let the essence emerge.


We start from what is authentic and original to make

the modern, unique and elegant way of being and dressing.


We are proud of it.

The guarantee 
Made in Italy

The brand, ETRÈ, stands out thanks to a modern and elegant ceremony collection, studied and cared for down to the smallest detail, for the young and refined man with a strong personality and tastes for excellence.

The suits of the ETRÈ maison come complete with waistcoat and tie, made in exclusive and innovative fabrics, with micro pinstripes and technical satins that make the suit a prestigious garment for your important occasions.


The refined quality of the garments is closely linked to the quality of the raw materials used and the technical skill of the craftsman who works them.

Strictly Made in Italy. The authentic Italian style is found in the creation of the single garment in an extensive process, which starts from the selection of fabrics to the finishing of the single detail.


Our origins, our roots are an essential heritage of our know-how.

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